Improving Communications for Miami’s Iglesia Comunidad De Fe

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When church officials at Miami’s Iglesia Comunidad de Fe were looking to upgrade production communications and replace their existing wired intercom, they turned to Media Director and technical guru Denis Orozco to find a solution. Through Mix3 Sound, a Florida-based live event, AV installation and project service provider, Orozco was introduced to Pliant Technologies’ CrewCom wireless intercom system.

Mix3 Sound worked with Iglesia Comunidad de Fe for its outdoor conference, MEGA CIM, which was the first time Orozco had used CrewCom. “The venue we rented for the event had too many runs and limited access for cables, so the crew at Mix3 Sound brought the CrewCom wireless system to our attention,” says Orozco. “Once they reassured us the system was going to allow us to cover the entire venue, we were eager to see it in action. Once we used it, we knew we needed the CrewCom wireless system in our church.”

The decision to replace the church’s existing intercom system was born out of necessity as the wired solution was too cumbersome. In addition, the lack of reliable communication led to too many errors during productions. The new CrewCom intercom solution for Iglesia Comunidad de Fe was comprised of one Control Unit (CCU-22), two Radio Transceivers (CRT-900), 12 2-Volume/2-Conference Radio Packs (CRP-22-900), along with Pliant’s SmartBoom headsets.

“We have been very happy with our CrewCom system since we bought it,” adds Orozco. “It is super-easy to use. You literally only have to push one button on the radio pack, which is great since many of the people using it are volunteers who have little to no professional A/V training. In addition, we can hear each other a lot better on the headsets. The sound is amazing and we never have to ask anyone to repeat even with loud music playing in the background.”

With CrewCom, production crews large or small can easily and quickly deploy communications solutions to connect more people in more places. CrewCom’s innovative approach to professional wireless intercoms enables users to handle almost any application from simple out-of-the-box solutions to large-scale designs for live-sound, broadcast, and industrial environments. It’s a versatile communications solution built on a highly scalable platform. CrewCom is ideal for overcoming communication challenges such as tough RF environments, inconsistent coverage, and total user limits that many experience with traditional intercom systems.

Orozco has also been impressed with the CrewCom system’s build quality and reliability. “I haven’t had any issues with our new intercom,” says Orozco.“CrewCom is being used on a daily basis, including most of the day on Sunday, and it has been great. The durability of the system is a testament to Pliant’s workmanship.”

In addition, the Pliant system has been beneficial for larger events. For a recent event, the church had more people added to the show and were able to rent extra units. “We were up and running with extra radios in minutes,” adds Orozo. “CrewCom is a wonderful addition to our church.” More information about Pliant Technologies is available at

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