New IRIS LED Video Products are Engineered for Excellence

by | Sep 8, 2022 | Gear, Production, Video

New technology is driving LED video walls to be bigger, better and  more accessible than ever before. As a leader in the pro video market, Blizzard Lighting is making it easier for everyone to find the perfect LED display panel and pair it with the  right service for optimal performance in the field. The company has introduced three new lines, InSpire™, InSite™ G2 & InSignia™ to its IRiS®️ LED video product family. 

Core to Blizzard Lighting’s IRiS®️ video offerings are the ICON™ Series of professional,  indoor/outdoor LED video panels for rental & stage use, and the GT™ Series of IP65- rated, pro touring LED video products. The newest lines introduce even more high quality LED wall packages built with the latest HDR technology, upgraded mechanics,  and premier customer support to serve every audience. 

IRiS®️ Inspire™ Direct View LED Display: Easy flush wall-mounting & 100%  front-serviceable design make InSpire panels perfect for fixed installation at  places of worship. Awe audiences with crisp contrast & brighter displays which emit less heat; more efficient power consumption means more cost savings with  InSpire LED panels than with traditional projectors. 

IRiS®️ InSite™ G2 Fine Pixel Video Wall System: Ideal for permanent  installation in corporate settings, this next generation of InSite delivers pixel  perfect 1920×1080 HD video quality. Its lightweight, 49mm width frame saves on space & cost during installs; and the high refresh rate, resolution & color depth provide near-perfect, flicker-free image displays.  

IRiS®️ InSignia™ Engaging Digital Display Solutions: Captivate viewers with  the right message, at the right time with InSignia panels fit for indoor or IP65- rated outdoor use, and feature a wide range of pixel pitches (1.9mm – 10.4mm).  Customize any retail, commercial, or community space to deliver an impactful,  unforgettable story from organizations or brands with an InSignia LED display. 

“One wall does not fit all,” said Will Komassa, CEO of Blizzard Lighting. “The newest  additions to the IRiS video family are tailored to fit very specific applications,  environments, installations and viewing distances. We want customers to choose the  perfect panel for their needs, and help their audience see the bigger picture.” 

IRiS video products are ETL-listed, built around NovaStar®️ A8s series receiving cards  for HDR10-Optima & HLG support, and come backed by the industry’s only 7-year  limited warranty. LED panels are designed and 100% quality control tested in  Wisconsin, and are supported by a team of US-based experts for any additional  customer training, technical troubleshooting or on-site installation needs. 

About Blizzard Lighting 

Blizzard Lighting, headquartered in Waukesha, Wis., is a leader in LED video and pro &  entertainment lighting. You can find their products working hard in venues spanning the  globe: from college basketball’s biggest tournament to the sanctuary around the corner;  and from the Kentucky Derby to the iconic Roman Colosseum. To learn more, visit

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