AE Global to Provide Behind the Scenes Look at CFX 2022

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Greg Davis, Senior Vice President of AE Global Media, will be hosting a special Behind the Scenes tour that will give a deeper look at the technology used to bring to life the Worship & Keynote Address at CFX 2022. Participants will have the opportunity to experience full demonstrations across the audio, video and lighting systems, and hear how everything came together to create an integrated experience. There will also be the opportunity to hear from the CFX tech team about the programming and operation of each system.

Three additional seminars

As part of AE Global’s participation with CFX 2022, Donnie Haulk, CEO and President of AE Global, will be presenting three Production track seminars. These include:

  • Improving the Impact of Church Buildings for Worship. Takeaways include:

Analyzing proven principles of design that inspire people

Using architecture and design to create a Dynamic Worship Experience

Assessing the balance of function and aesthetics

Identifying 4 levels of technology design in Worship Spaces

  • Display Screen Options: LED Walls, Multi-Screen, and Environmental Projection. Takeaways will include:

Comparing and contrasting LED Walls, Multi-Screen and Environmental Projection

Projection Mapping

Creative functionality and making the most of your video wall

Designing for your target audience

  • Improving the Impact of Broadcast and Streaming. Takeaways will include:

Tackling issues that get in the way creating great video for broadcast and streaming

Creating intimate and dynamic worship experiences through video

Understanding that lighting and platform layout gives us insight into how to have the maximum impact in each service

Learning how to use the latest technology and innovative techniques to create a worship-friendly video environment.

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