CFX Introduces Pre-Conference Masterclasses

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We know that when you attend CFX’s conference & expo, one of your goals is to expand your knowledge base and skill levels. That’s why we created CFX Masterclasses this year! The masterclasses will each be held on Monday, October 24 at 1:00 PM and will last 4 hours. With one class for each of our educational tracks, there’s sure to be something that will benefit you or one of your team members.

Next Level Livestreaming

If you want to go deeper with your livestreaming broadcast, then this intensive workshop is for you. We’ll cover the specific skills and technology needed to dramatically improve your live stream practices. Learn how to move past an audio experience that’s mediocre to making it excellent. Discover lighting techniques that will enhance the congregation’s experience. Develop cohesion and convergence with both your tech team and your leadership that really works. And ultimately, learn secrets to livestreaming like the pros.

Essentials of Church Communications

If you’re in charge of communications for your church, then this is the perfect opportunity for you. Be inspired and equipped to strategically direct the messaging of who your church is. Understand what it means to be a Communications Director and how to develop a communication strategy with your church’s unique “voice.” Learn about church branding and marketing, and how each of the ministry leaders in your church can become a brand ambassador. Discover the different platforms and media options available to you to share your church’s story, and learn how to create and recycle killer content.

Church Safety & Security

Maintaining a safe and secure place allows ministry to flourish, but we must accept the fact that unexpected events can occur. Minimizing threats and being prepared to handle them well is essential. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to perform an FBI Behavioral Analysis of individuals in crisis. Discover how to use technology to keep your facility safe. Find out how to handle abduction threats, maintain safe childcare areas and procedures, and understand your liability exposure. Learn how to arm and train your church staff to stay safe and calm in the midst of a crisis moment.

Each masterclass requires additional registration. Sign up today so you don’t miss out!



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