Lighting Design for Beginners

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Lighting design is a complex art form that intertwines science and art, but there are some fundamental elements that every plot design and environmental look requires. Delve into the basics of lighting design (and a little history of how it has evolved in houses of worship) with Duke DeJongVan Metschke and Ellen Lampert-Gréaux. Plus, you’ll discover how to plan for the future when developing your next lighting infrastructure upgrade.

Meet Our Guest Speakers and Host

Guest Speaker: Duke DeJong

Duke DeJong is the Co-Owner/ President of Integration at Vantage Pro. Over the last 2+ decades, Duke’s career has centered around the intersection of ministry and technology. His early years on staff with for Youth For Christ and a Christian radio station led to a decade as a staff church Technical Director. Duke then joined a technology integrator where he spent the next 10 years developing new and improved processes for equipping the church while building and leading an amazing team.

Whether it’s sitting down with Senior and Executive Pastors or Technical Directors, he loves getting to the heart of what they and their ministry are about, and then helping them maximize their impact. Duke is most passionate about people, vision, ministry, and process, which has been evident in his work with hundreds of churches and in the teams he has built.

Duke is also the host of The Green Room Podcast, where they discuss trends in church creative arts and tell awesome stories from the trenches.

Guest Speaker: Van Metschke

Van Metschke oversees Church Relations / Client Solutions at Vantage Pro. Drawing from more than 35 years of production and integration experience, Van has a unique, some may say odd, skill set that makes him perfect for his role at Vantage.

From touring sound, to 20+ years on various church technical staff, and 10+ years in the integration industry, he understands projects from both sides of the table. Most of all, he loves building teams and helping others realize their potential. Van loves the local church and the teams that make it happen every week.

Van is also the Co-host of The Green Room Podcast and is the host of the Church Tech Profiles Podcast.

Guest Host: Ellen Lampert-Gréaux

Ellen Lampert-Gréaux is a writer, editor, events producer, and creative director for Live Design and LDI, where she has programmed the conference content since 1989. She is a regular contributor to LiveDesignOnline, providing both written and digital content. Her background is in the performing arts and she served as publicity director at BAM and Williamstown Theatre Festival in the past. She is also the co-founder and managing director of the 25-year-old St Barth Film Festival in the French West Indies. She is a member of ATPAM and holds an MFA in Arts Administration/Theatre Management.

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