Tax Statements in Tithely for 2022

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Tithely has exciting new tax updates that make your church’s ability to build out and export donor tax statements easier than ever before. We developed Tax Statements in January 2021 and it was a huge win for churches. Check out these updates:

  • Easily access past statements (no need to regenerate them)
  • Support for merging  duplicate donors in order to send out a single tax statement 
  • Email or print a single statement for a donor from an existing batch
  • Visibility for donors that are missing email addresses if a batch is emailed

Churches were thrilled with the above features we offered. But with 2021 being the first year we supported Tax Statements in the newest Tithely arsenal, there was plenty of feedback regarding how we could iterate on the feature.

One of the biggest requests was to include support for Households. This would allow for multiple people within a Household to receive a single tax statement to use when filing taxes as married filing jointly. For our newest update, we’ve added support for Households within People (which launched earlier this year), and we’ve also made a number of other improvements. The major changes include:

Household Support

When generating or regenerating Tax Statements, you’ll now be able to choose whether you want to generate a single statement for an entire Household, or whether you want to generate an Individual statement for all donors. 

And if you want to generate single statements for Households, but have Household cases where you need statements generated separately (for instance, married filing separately), you can set any given Household within People to generate separate statements for the Household:

Tax Statement PDF

A core part of Tax Statements is the PDF that is generated, and for our latest update, we’ve made a number of great improvements. These include:

  • Optimized for Windowed Envelopes – Cover Letters are now optimized for windowed envelopes to simplify the process of mailing tax statements out.
  • Memo Lines – When there are memos for transactions, they will be included within the list of transactions in the generated PDF
  • Household Optimization – Extra details, like the donor name, are included when a statement is sent for a Household.

Managing Statements

Along with all of the above improvements, we’ve also optimized the process of managing previously generated statements. This includes the addition of the ability to delete past tax statements.


Tax season can already be a stressful time for people – you and your church members included. Tithely’s newest Tax Statement updates relieve some of that stress so you can quickly export the necessary information for the tax year’s donors and move on with the rest of your ministerial duties. 

Learn more now.

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