HARMAN Announces New JBL EON700 Series Powered Portable PA with Bluetooth

by | Nov 16, 2021 | Audio, Gear, News, Production

HARMAN Professional Solutions has announced the introduction of the new JBL Professional EON700 Series portable PA with Bluetooth that’s comprised of the 10-inch EON710, 12-inch EON712 and 15-inch EON715 full-range powered loudspeakers joined by the 18-inch EON718S subwoofer for portable and fixed installation applications.

The loudspeakers offer a built-in three-channel mixer and dbx DriveRack Inside technology as well as automatic feedback suppression, eight-band output EQ and optimized use-case presets. Users can access functions quickly via an onboard backlit color LCD screen or take control using the JBL Pro Connect app. Built-in Bluetooth 5.0 streaming and control take advantage of the newest protocol’s security features, lower latency, broader range and improved audio fidelity.

“The EON700 Series truly represents the next generation of portable PA systems,” says Brandon Knudsen, HARMAN Professional Product Manager, Portable PA Loudspeakers. “When we started designing these new PAs, we looked at our best-selling EON Series and made that core technology even better by upgrading drivers and amplifiers, refining waveguides, supercharging the effects package, and incorporating the most up-to-date Bluetooth protocol and universal app control. The result is a powerful, versatile system that sounds incredible at any volume, anywhere in the room.

“We’ve made it even easier than ever for performers to sound their best without having to rely on outboard gear, thanks to built-in advanced dbx DSP and presets that are optimized for a range of scenarios. And the series’ incredible power-to-size ratio and low weight mean a faster, lighter load-in, which we can all appreciate.”

The woofers have been redesigned for lower impedance and higher efficiency, while an improved horn, working with the 2414H neodymium compression driver, is designed to provide a smoother off-axis beamwidth. The system is powered by 1,300 watts (loudspeakers) and 1,500 watts (subwoofer) of class D amplification.

EON700 loudspeakers can be used as main PA speakers or floor monitors. Full-range models offer top and rear suspension points for flying, while rear suspension points serve as connections for fixed installations using an optional universal yoke mount. Indexed feet molded into enclosures enable a range of acoustic configurations and secure stacking for traditional stand-up configurations. EON718S subwoofers have a threaded pole mount to support full-range loudspeakers and they can be stacked for cardioid configurations.

The full-range loudspeakers have FEA optimized composite enclosures, with injection-molding and mechanical-shaping techniques to enhance durability. Subwoofers have 15-ply birch enclosures with computer-optimized ergonomic handles.

Go here for more specifics on the new EON700 Series.

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