Distribute, Manage, and Control All Your AV over Your IP Network

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Backed by decades of experience as a Pro AV market leader and innovator, Kramer introduces highly scalable, cost-effective end-to-end AV over IP solutions designed for IT.

Build any size AV distribution system on your existing IP network with Kramer KDS-6 encoders and decoders (incl. built-in scaling and control signaling with RS-232, IR & USB) — and manage it from a simple, powerful virtual matrix GUI. Learn more in the AV over IP Brochure.

Kramer AV over IP Advantages

  • Highly scalable & flexible feature-rich yet affordable
  • User-friendly virtual matrix interface for IT managers
  • Intuitive end-user control of media streams and any device in the room
  • Diverse applications, e.g., Education, Entertainment, Digital Signage, Medical, Military

AV Distribution

KDS-EN6 & KDS-DEC6 Video Encoder/Decoder
(Part of the Kramer KDS family of IP streaming products)

  • 4K60 4:2:0 video/audio/RS-232/IR
  • Low latency — ideal for interactive KVM experiences
  • JPEG2000 compression format
  • PoE capable
  • HDCP 2.2

Video Streaming

WP-EN6 Decorative Wall Plate Encoder

  • Fixed wall-plate encoder
    • 2-gang Decora® wall-plate enclosure
    • 1 HDMI input & 1 USB type-B host
    • Ports: 1 RS–232, 2 bidirectional IR (Tx & Rx)
    • 1 RS-232 extension, 1 Ethernet (LAN/PoE)
  • High Resolution Video Streaming
    • 4K@60Hz (4:2:0) HDMI
    • HDCP 2.2 compliance
  • Network 
    • Switch 1G multicast IGMP snooping managed layer 2
Network Virtual Matrix Graphical User Interface

Kramer Network Virtual Matrix: Management GUI for IT & AV professionals

Powerful GUI that lets IT and AV professionals easily manage and configure Kramer’s KDS video streamers, room environments and any AV device from any point on the network. Kramer Virtual Matrix offers centralized or distributed control, automatic device detection, customizable topology, and a very user-friendly experience.
Kramer Network

End-User Control

KT-107 End-User Control

Simple local control of any video and audio device, collaboration system, HVAC, shades, etc. in any space using any iOS or Android device or Kramer’s touch control panel. 
Kramer Control
KT-107 control panel

Kramer AV over IP Application Examples

Kramer AV over IP solutions offer a wide variety of source-to-display options (one to many, many to many, KVM, video wall) for applications as diverse as Education, Entertainment (e.g., sports bars), Digital Signage, Medical, and Military (e.g., command & control rooms).

AV over IP diagram - Many to Many
Many to Many
AV over IP diagram - KVM

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