Audix Now Shipping New A10 & A10X Earphones

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Audix has announced that it is now shipping the new A10 and A10X earphones for professional audio and critical listening applications, both designed with a dynamic, low-mass moving coil assembly.

A10 earphones have a titanium alloy diaphragm with a stated frequency response of 10 octaves, with a point-source design that improves phase coherence. A10X earphones offer a composite beryllium diaphragm, with beryllium, stated to be 50 percent more rigid than steel and 30 percent less dense than aluminum, utilized to deliver cleaner highs and extended bass.

Both models have lightweight and durable injection-molded shells that are internally textured and ported for added acoustic control and accuracy throughout the frequency range. The included small, medium, and large pairs of silicone ear tips are designed to attached securely. Gold-plated MMCX connectors allow for 360 degrees of rotation, while the silver-plated, oxygen-free copper cable is equipped with a reinforced wire wrap near the connector to help ensure that the earphones will stay securely in place.

“Great sound starts with a great driver and the proprietary, no-compromise drivers of the A10 and A10X earphones leverage our decades of dynamic transducer experience,” says Steve Johnson, VP of Sales and Marketing at Audix. “Whether you are on stage or on a plane, the new Audix earphones deliver high-fidelity listening for the most discerning ears.”

Go here for more specifics on the new A10 and A10X earphones.


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