RATstands Announces New U.S. Distributor

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RATstands and Conn-Selmer, Inc., the UK and USA’s leading music equipment manufacturers, are
teaming up to bring musicians of the USA cutting-edge products, at affordable prices. Now America,
too, can use what the professionals use. Conn-Selmer will be exclusively distributing the TEMPO range and
the Rshield range to the USA.

Olivia Mason, RATstands’ Marketing Manager, said, “We have found the perfect partner for our
TEMPO range in Conn-Selmer, who already provide music equipment to students, amateurs, and
professional musicians.”

RATstands’ TEMPO Range has been designed to offer exceptional products, including music stands,
music stand lights, storage carts, and more, at affordable prices. Now everyone can enjoy the best in
quality and design that RATstands is renowned for.

Agnes Starr, RATstands’ global distribution manager, said, “I am delighted that we are now working
with Conn-Selmer as our partner for the American market. They are a perfect fit as we have shared
goals of providing quality products along with excellent customer service.” Conn-Selmer, Inc. are
known for working with companies and brands that “represent innovation, entrepreneurship, and a
focus on musical excellence”.

This partnership will make RATstands’ unique designs of Music Stands, Lights and Protective Screens
widely available to schools and individual musicians in America.

Now America, you can play your music with TEMPO!

Since 1976 and the release of the Opera Stand, an all-new illuminated Music Stand, RATstands’
innovative designs lead the way for Music Equipment Designers and Manufacturers. Today, still
inspired by the world’s most demanding musicians, RATstands’ Professional Range of Stands and
Musician’s lights are used in leading opera houses, theatres, concert halls, and performing arts
venues all over the world. The company’s TEMPO Range allows for musicians to enjoy the best in
quality and design at an affordable price, to support new heights of artistic performance.
Contact: sales@ratstands.com / +44 (0) 2087414804 / www.ratstands.com

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