The MEGA-LITE DECO Recessed Series Offers Flexible Features

by | Mar 30, 2021 | Audio, Lighting, News, Production

MEGA-LITE’s DECO series continues to grow and now introduces the DECO Recessed Series. Create an impression with the color changing DECO Recessed Q20 and variable white DECO Recessed VW20. These fixtures can transform any ambiance with rich, saturated colors or variable whites. Unlike other recessed products, our DECO fixtures offer stunning warm white color temperatures. In addition, they  grant you the ability to install them without the need for conduit. Every product in our DECO line is designed to provide versatility and simplicity by being able to connect to numerous DECO Drivers for power and control. 

DECO Recessed Q20

The DECO Recessed Q20 features TetraColor color temperature. It can create a color mixing of Red, Green, Blue, and Warm White. The rich, saturated colors combined with 2983K Warm White color temperature allow you to customize your next installation. The use of the Voltage over Ethernet method enables this fixture to be easily installed and run without the need for conduit. Designed with versatility, you can link up to five units with DECO Drivers for power and control.

DECO Recessed VW20

The DECO Recessed VW20 features White Balance color temperature spanning from 2618K Warm White to 6544K Cool White. This fixture provides a tunable white projection that fluctuates from cool to warm. This fixture also has the Voltage over Ethernet method to be easily installed and run without the need for conduit. Like the Q20, you can also link up to five units with DECO Drivers for power and control.


Using an innovative approach to simplify the need for multiple drivers, the DECO DRIVE CV4 was designed to control the popular DECO series. This all-in-one solution features 4 outputs that gives users the ability to control multiple products at once. Each output can be individually configured and addressed in any preferred channel. This powerful driver has a max power of 96W per output. The removable rack ears allow the unit to be wall-, rack- and rear rack-mounted, making it easy for various installations.

Simplify your next install with the DECO Recessed Q20, VW20 and the DECO DRIVE CV4!

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