Can Your Staff Refuse To Get A COVID-19 Vaccine?

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If you are thinking of requiring staff to get the COVID-19 vaccination, be prepared. According to recent research, 28 percent of employees “said they are willing to lose their jobs if their employer requires the COVID-19 vaccine.”

So, What Should You Do?
  • Educate staff on the vaccine.
  • Listen to concerns.
  • Determine if unvaccinated staff “pose a direct threat to the health or safety of individuals in the workplace.”
    • ADA Exception: If they DO pose a direct threat, then you need to consider whether a reasonable accommodation can be made, such as working remotely.
    • Civil Rights Act Exception: If a staff member has a sincerely held religious belief, practice or observance, again, look for reasonable accommodations. Even as a faith-based organization, this still may pose an issue.
  • Think through other issues:
    • If you require staff to be vaccinated, and they have a bad reaction to the vaccine, are you liable?
    • Also, a number of states are considering laws saying that employers CANNOT mandate the vaccine, so make sure you know your rights and limitations.
  • If you decide to require it…
    • Educate staff
    • Make getting the vaccine easy
    • Cover the costs
    • Provide incentives to get vaccinated
    • Give paid time off for those who have a reaction to the vaccine
    • Be equal in how you apply your requirements
The Bottom Line?

Unless there is a very specific reason you need to require it, think twice about making this a mandate.

We also suggest waiting to see what the public schools in your area decide when it comes to requiring teachers and staff to be vaccinated, as well as students.

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