GLP Launches New Creative Light 1 Battery-Powered & Wireless LED Systems

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GLP has announced new Creative Light 1 (CL1) and Creative Light 1 Plus (CL1+) battery powered, wireless creative LED systems that are designed to provide flexibility in a wide range of applications.

Both are equipped with 24 RGB LEDs and offer numerous design possibilities. They include features such as main color control, color patterns, sound-to-light via an integrated microphone, and three dynamic pattern macros. Whether all pixels are used together, individually via pixel mapping or via the integrated double layer FX engine, the system is stated to be capable of producing stunning lighting effects.

The Creative Light 1 (CL1), offers the same performance as the Creative Light 1 Plus, but is aimed more at the semi-professional user with its control options (Manual, IR Remote Control, and Android and iOS app).

The Creative Light 1 Plus (CL1+) also carries an integrated LumenRadio CRMX module. That makes it more suited for use in professional event technology and wherever the CL1 system is to be integrated into an existing DMX network. The control options of the basic CL1 are also available in the Plus version.

The integrated battery offers 10,000 mAh of power, and the selectable power modes are designed to help ensure an enduring performance of up to 24 hours. When controlled via the smartphone app, the CL1s generate a mesh network among each other—without any additional gateway—the so-called GLP iQ.Mesh network. Within this GLP iQ.Mesh network, each CL1 receives and amplifies the signal, enabling the creation of a network over long distances.

The advantage of the smartphone app is that it is designed to offer an intuitive user interface and enable faster system setup. This allows multiple devices to be grouped for live control. It also facilitates control of intensity, strobe and pulse effects, background and foreground colors, a variety of dynamic patterns, sound-to-light, and more.

Creative Light CL1 and Creative Light CL1 Plus are available as a single unit in a cardboard box, as a tour set in a 10-piece charging case, and as a set of six in a soft case. Go here for more specifics.


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