Pentecostals Of Brunswick Church In Georgia Growing With dBTechnologies

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Pentecostals of Brunswick, a church in Brunswick, Georgia, is growing, a fact reflected in part by a new worship sanctuary sound system headed by dBTechnologies loudspeakers recently implemented by Allseasons Audio of Jesup, GA.

The system features a left-center-right (LCR) design that incorporates a dozen DVA T8 full-range line array modules supported on the low end by a pair of DVA S30N subwoofers. Allseasons Audio owner Brian Bush notes that the new system replaces a 15-year-old design that had poor coverage and sound quality. “In one part of the church, you’d have 90 dB and a few feet away it might be 98 dB. So, it was really harsh,” he adds.

Bush hosted a loudspeaker demonstration for the church prior to the final decision and notes,“The dBTechnologies loudspeakers sold themselves.” He employed the company’s proprietary Composer software to design and optimize the system, adding that the installation and rigging process proved to be a relatively straightforward process: “Installing a DVA system is very simple, ust kind of plug and play.”

The church has a full band, praise singers and choir and Bush, who also works with the audio tech crew, mixes most services on an Allen & Heath GLD 112 digital mixer. He routes instruments left and right while feeding vocals to all three arrays. The band is relatively self-contained with monitoring, equipped with Allen & Heath ME-1 personal monitor mixers.

Bush notes that the church plans to renovate the auditorium to expand seating, as well as add dBTechnologies floor monitors in addition to outfitting the gymnasium with a second DVA system. “Everybody says the new system is a night and day change for us,” he concludes. “The coverage is even, the sound is clear and it doesn’t hurt your ears any more. And, I can’t say enough about the DVA S30 subs. They’re phenomenal.”


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