Microphone Secrets for the Worship Stage

Capturing the best sound possible starts with the microphone. For many, choosing the right mic for a specific application can be a mystery.  In this webinar, join Worship Facility editor Gene Lass and QSC Audio Instructor and worship performer Golden Presciado to learn:

  1. Types of microphones
  2. Polar patterns of microphones and why you need to know which polar patterns your microphones have
  3. How feedback occurs and how to fix it
  4. Microphone and loudspeaker placement
  5. Microphone techniques in less than optimal stage environments
  6. Microphones for the spoken word.


Note: For your convenience, a link to the video will be emailed to all registrants, enabling you to watch the video at any time, as many times as you’d like. There will be no simulated live playback session.



Aug 29 2023