Worship Elements, Good Rehearsals, Sound Checks, and Set Design Lead to Good Outcomes

Worship Facility editor Gene Lass and audio training specialist Golden Preciado discuss how to improve the quality of your church’s worship production through a combination of diligent rehearsal, properly conducted sound checks, and careful set design that will work for any size facility and budget.

Professional engineers still growing in their knowledge of audio engineering and volunteer sound operators who have answered the call to serve in the AV ministry at their church and mobile churches will benefit from learning:

Keeping it real: What is the definition of a good outcome in a church service?

  • Growing your church’s AV with resources you already have.
  • What happens when church techs are asked to implement AV applications that are beyond their understanding, knowledge and available resources, and how to overcome it.
  • Best practices for managing volunteer sound people

On the Technical Side of Things

  • Best practices for using in ear monitors (stereo and mono)
  • Training your musicians how to operate audio gear they’ll be using on stage
  • Best practices when mixing wedges
  • Best Practices for dealing with room acoustics
  • Keeping it clean on stage

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Oct 28 2022