Crafting the Creative Canvas with Elation’s New KL CYC™

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Introducing Elation’s KL CYC™, an expressive LED cyc light and footlight fixture meticulously crafted for the discerning lighting designer. Harmonizing artistic expression with cutting-edge technology, the KL CYC seamlessly transforms any space into a creative canvas for dynamic storytelling. Tailored for smooth and evenly illuminated cycloramas, sets, or wall washing applications, the KL CYC boasts an efficient asymmetrical reflector design to achieve perfect blends of diffused light, enhancing the overall aesthetics of the stage and covering significant heights with ease. 

With its stylized, low-profile housing, the KL CYC is also an ideal choice for footlight positions on the downstage edge, providing excellent versatility for stage, film, television, theme park and event lighting use. Highlight performers with dynamic low-level lighting or place it along any stage edge, even as runway lighting, to define its boundary and create a well-defined performance area. 

The KL CYC introduces the innovative EdgeLight safety feature, allowing users to designate a safety light in red or blue whenever desired. The new feature, which operates even if DMX signal is lost, provides guidance for performers, allerting them to the edge of the stage and adding an extra layer of safety. 

Built of a robust yet lightweight construction, the KL CYC comes in one-meter (KL CYC L™) and half-meter (KL CYC S™) models for seamless integration into any lighting design. Create backlighting effects that add depth to the stage, craft visually striking silhouettes, or highlight any scenic element, the KL CYC is easy to incorporate into any set design. Designed for noise-sensitive environments, the fanless operation makes the KL CYC ideal for theaters, studios, and houses of worship.

The KL CYC is all about color quality and features Elation’s superior RGBMA color system, which expands chromatic options into deep saturates and high-quality whites to bathe the stage in uniform color or dynamic color changes. The full-spectrum, high CRI engine allows for finer color tuning and offers an overall higher quality light. The RGBMA system also allows for a perfect color match with other fixtures in Elation‘s KL and Fuze ranges. 

Designers have unprecedented control over the lighting environment with calibrated color temperature control and CMY and RGB emulation modes. Achieve precise color reproduction and correct shifts away from pure white with the green/magenta shift adjustment and a virtual gel library. Realize the perfect white balance for camera without the need for green gels or filters, and rest assured of flicker-free operation when working with high-speed cameras thanks to DMX-adjustable LED refresh rates.

Each KL CYC unit features individual segment control for more nuanced design possibilities while dynamic effects like chases, fades, and strobes are a breeze to create. Top and bottom barndoors provide precise control over light output, enhancing the fixture’s adaptability for various applications. A replaceable frost filter is included to soften and diffuse the beam even further when needed. 

Magnetic alignment allows seamless connectivity of multiple units for precise linear runs while adjustable front feet allow for angle adjustments when floor mounted. A simple mounting bracket attachment and elegant power and data wire management make the KL CYC a breeze to integrate into new designs or upgrade traditional CYC fixtures or foot lights to a modern LED fixture without compromises. 

About Elation Based in California with facilities in Florida and Mexico City, as well as European offices in The Netherlands, Elation designs and manufactures a comprehensive range of innovative lighting products known for its superior performance, excellent efficiency, and outstanding price:value ratio, all backed by a hard-earned reputation for Total Support. Elation also offers an advanced line of lighting control products through Obsidian Control Systems, as well as a full range of dependable specialty effects called Magmatic. Our mission has always been simple: to provide best-in-class products and service while offering the best value:performance ratio in the industry. Elation products continue to be a part of the industry’s most exciting projects across the globe. We invite you to take a closer look at

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