elektraLite Paints the Town Red—and Other Colors—with Paint Can IP65

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Since its debut in 2006, elektraLite’s Paint Can spot/wash hybrid fixture has been praised as a cost-effective, multipurpose workhorse. Following an update in 2019 that added a 200-watt Japanese COB LED offering a CRI of 95, the Paint Can has now become even more versatile with the new release of an IP65-rated version perfect for use anywhere, including outdoors.

Available in WW (Warm White), CW (Cool White), VW (Variable White), RGBW, and RGBWA formats, the Paint Can IP65 fixtures feature a highly-robust, marine-grade chassis equipped with covered TRUE1 TOP connectors for flawless performance in even the most punishing environments.

“The Paint Can has long been one of our customers’ most requested models based on its exceptional ‘bang for the buck’ and highly reliable performance,” says elektraLite National Sales Manager Brandon Tsaptsinos. “So we’re thrilled to finally make their favorite spot/wash workhorse even more handy with a new weatherized design that will allow it to brilliantly shine in the rainiest and dustiest of settings.”

Incorporating a zoom lens that ranges from 18 degrees through to a wide 58 degrees, the Paint Can IP65’s electronic zoom maintains perfect beam shape throughout the entire transition. This seamlessness also applies to color mixing for the RGBW and RGBWA models during transitions through the full range of zoom; there are no hot spots and zero chromatic aberrations. With exceptionally smooth dimming and no LED pop or bump at the beginning or end of the dimmer curve, the Paint Can RGBW/A models utilize a choice of colors that were carefully chosen to achieve both pure primary colors and vibrant pastels. Furthermore, the white allows perfect rendering at a balanced 3200k color temperature.

The Paint Can has several profile choices for controlling its features, including a simple-to-use onboard control interface that allows for easy control by either DMX or console-free static operation.

Operational voltage ranges from 100 to 240 volts with a variable refresh rate for the pulse-width modulation (PWM). All Paint Can variants come with 5-pin DMX (both in and thru), and power is via TRUE1 TOP input and output with an on/off switch. A double yoke and safety cable connection are also included, while barn doors are additionally available as an option.

For more info on elektraLite’s new Paint Can IP65 fixtures, visit www.myelektralite.com.

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