Video Analytics Leader viisights Joins ZeroNow School Safety Alliance to Revolutionize Campus Security

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viisights, Inc., a global leader in behavioral recognition video analytics, is proud to join the ZeroNow coalition, a movement by the safety community to reduce violence in schools, as an industry partner. viisights’ participation in the ZeroNow alliance marks a significant milestone in the pursuit of safer and more secure schools with the introduction of real-time video intelligence to coalition partners, including schools, educators, law enforcement, and more

“We formed ZeroNow with the goal of creating an alliance that would generate new ideas and innovation to stop the relentless assaults, both, physical and cyber, on K-12 schools and colleges and universities,” said Ara Bagdasarian, CEO and Co-Founder of ZeroNow. “viisights is pushing real-time video analytics with behavioral capabilities to the next level, which is a great addition to our knowledge base.” 

Viisights specializes in cutting-edge behavioral video analytics, enabling the automatic detection of critical events within the campus environment. Most notably, viisights offers schools enhanced “person holding a weapon” detection, capable of both identifying individuals carrying a weapon and automatically initiating a lockdown in the event weapons are detected. Additional analytic capabilities include violence prediction and recognition, suspicious activity monitoring, fire and smoke detection, peramitter protection, and tailgating detection. These capabilities seamlessly integrate with existing video management and access control systems, ensuring a comprehensive and proactive approach to safety.

“Behavioral recognition systems give us real-time video intelligence,” said Asaf Birenzvieg, CEO and Co-Founder at viisights. “When dealing with incidents involving active shooters, bullying, fighting, vandalism and antisocial behavior, intelligent real-time behavioral recognition video goes far in safeguarding the learning environment.”

The partnership between viisights and ZeroNow is a testament to their shared commitment to creating a safer and more secure educational environment for students, faculty, and staff. Together, they aim to transform campus safety by leveraging the power of cutting-edge technology and behavioral analytics.

About ZeroNow  ZeroNow is the movement by the safety community to end harmful events in our schools. As a member-based non-profit, ZeroNow facilitates collaboration between industry, association, and education partners to foster new solutions to keep our campuses safe and secure. 

ZeroNow brings safety assets and education safety leaders together to establish the standards for campus safety technology. We drive a unified voice to educate policymakers on the need for increased investment in school safety. For more information, please visit

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