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I’m excited to share a project we at Worship Facility have passionately been cultivating behind the scenes for the past six months: a newsletter, Security Connections! We’ve heeded your numerous inquiries over the past year, seeking greater insights on risk management and strategies to fortify your houses of worship.

Publishing monthly for the next two months, Security Connections will then come out twice a month starting in January 2024, bringing curated risk management and security content directly to your inbox. You can look forward to enlightening interviews with security experts, reviews of groundbreaking security products to augment your ministry, and the adoption of the latest best practices to ensure your safety. Keep an eye out in the coming weeks and months for a cascade of insightful content, with no action required on your part—stay tuned!

I’m honored to serve as the editor of Security Connections, and it seems fitting to properly introduce myself. I’ve been a security columnist and editorial advisor with Worship Facility for the last 18 months and have recently embraced the new role of security editor.

As a two-time Amazon Bestselling author specializing in risk management, I bring a wealth of knowledge from my extensive experience in law enforcement, both in England and America, where I’ve led crucial counterterrorism initiatives and managed high-profile crime investigations. I’m particularly proud of my collaborative work with the British security services and my subsequent contributions to financial risk compliance at leading organizations. Currently, through Kingswood Security Consulting, I provide risk management support to houses of worship across over 30 states.

On a more personal note, I’m a devoted father and husband and have been a security advisor for my church in Excelsior, Minnesota, for over a decade. I am committed to enriching your understanding of security each month, and your suggestions or feedback are most welcome. Please feel free to reach out to me sosamoh@worshipfacility.com

With my blend of expertise, dedication, and passion, I eagerly anticipate guiding you through the intricacies of security to ensure a harmonious integration of safety within our places of worship. Let’s embark on this enlightening journey together, and do stay tuned for our forthcoming pieces!

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