Facilities Around the World Turn to Boon Edam Secured Entry Solutions to Enhance Cyber-Physical Security

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Boon Edam Inc., a world-leading manufacturer of secured entry solutions, continues to reinforce their position as the preeminent provider of secured entry solutions with thousands of successful deployments around the globe. Boon Edam’s comprehensive lineup of secured entry solutions is proven to be effective in preventing unauthorized access to high-security areas, mitigating theft and liabilities, while maintaining compliance and reducing costs. 

“Our portfolio of secured entry solutions is designed to address threats with meticulously designed entry and egress solutions that establish high levels of physical security and optimize employee time and labor resources,” said Mark Perkins, Vice President – Strategic Markets Development, Boon Edam.

Boon Edam Security Entrances provide the strongest-possible physical security measures to help mitigate problems caused by internal threats, external operators, and other sources. Most facilities and houses of worship opt for a layered secured entry solution that begins at the perimeter, where two-way full height entry points equipped with access control and anti-tailgating technology actively prevent unauthorized entry. As people enter, they proceed through a metal detector that provides full weapons detection screening.

By reducing, or even eliminating, much of the physical labor in providing security, Boon Edam Secured Entry Solutions delivers tangible results and cost savings. In most cases, a Boon Edam tailgating and piggybacking prevention design will net ROI in less than eight months from deployment.

Boon Edam’s Secured Entry Solutions are not just built for today’s immediate challenges, but also for emerging trends and business models. To learn more, click here.

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