Video Editing from a Director’s Perspective

by | Learning Series, Production, Streaming, Video

Let me start off with a confession: I can edit but choose not to. While I enjoyed the editing process and seeing what was in my head take shape on tape, I also quickly realized my skills in this area were limited and I functioned better when I was able to take a step back from the craft/tech and instead work as a director alongside a skilled editor. Once I started doing that, the projects I undertook flourished.


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Welcome to Security Connections!

I'm excited to share a project we at Worship Facility have passionately been cultivating behind the scenes for the past six months: a newsletter, Security Connections! We've heeded your numerous inquiries over the past year, seeking greater insights on risk management...

Communicating to Make Your Church a 7-day Destination

As a ministry leader, your church facility is more than just a place of worship on Sundays. It should be a vibrant hub that serves the community seven days a week. Transforming your church into a 7-day a week destination is not only a great vision but also a mission...

Lead Like a Shepherd for a Safer Church

Preparing for physical threats is very much on the minds of church security experts these days, and rightly so. We want to avoid being another story on the news describing the incredible loss of life and innocence. But are we paying enough attention to the emotional...