Kuori Unveils 75” Outdoor Display Model

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Kuori, the Finnish high-tech company behind cutting-edge digital display solutions, is launching its latest Outdoor Digital Display model. This innovative 75” display combines world-class quality and design with significantly more energy-efficient technology revolutionising the use of LCD displays for outdoor digital signage for the Digital-Out-of-Home (DOOH) industry.

Kuori’s innovative temperature control system preserves the screen’s indoor-like environment, contributing to its energy efficiency and prolonged lifetime. Kuori’s Outdoor Digital Displays are widely used in all environments and temperatures, including urban areas, hospitality, retail centres, and ski resorts.

Jarkko Jokelainen, Cofounder, and Chief Technology Officer at Kuori, explains:
“Our new, patent-pending cooling system in combination with our new LCD panel modules enables us to push the average consumption even under 400 watts with our 4000 nits 75” any-environment screen. With our Android-based devices, we can further enhance display screen functionality using the Android OS to control heating, cooling, temperature monitoring, humidity, and more. These Android-certified screens seamlessly run digital signage applications.”

Jokelainen continues: 

“Recently, we became the world’s first outdoor digital out-of-home (DOOH) display manufacturer to receive the EDLA certification for large screens. Kuori offers Android-powered commercial displays fully compatible with Google Mobile Services (GMS), requiring minimal power, enduring extreme conditions, and featuring a flexible operating system for easy app development. Soon, we’ll introduce an AI-based device management solution.”

As a certified EDLA provider, Kuori can provide integrators and brands with modern mobile device management solutions, including Zero-Touch enrolment, mass-scale fleet deployment, over-the-air updates to deploy security patches and Android version upgrades, and user-friendly remote management capabilities.”

The winning key features of the Kuori Outdoor Digital Display:

1. Harsh Environment Adaptability:
The Kuori Outdoor Digital Display is built to withstand harsh conditions such as heat, cold, liquids, corrosives, dust, and metal particles. It is also equipped to withstand direct sunlight with its anti-reflection, anti-glare, and anti-UV treatment, ensuring optimal visibility in any lighting condition. It is temperature-controlled, operates from -40°C to +60°C, and offers IP66 protection and 4000 nits panel brightness. Its stainless-steel structure ensures longevity and enables installation in demanding locations. The filter-less air circulation system guarantees reliable performance even in challenging environments.

2. Easy Customisation based on Modular Design:
Kuori’s Outdoor Digital Display can be customised to match customer needs and requirements. The displays are designed for easy servicing and component replacement without disassembly thanks to Modular Design principles. The Kuori Outdoor Digital Display offers a long lifecycle, resulting in a lower total cost of ownership. It’s an ecological choice with minimal waste and maximum flexibility.

3. Remote Device Management ensuring optimal performance:
Our devices are equipped with remote device management and online monitoring capabilities that provide the real-time operational status of each display. The system is developed in-house so additional features can be implemented on customer request. Complete remote monitoring is also available ensuring optimal performance.
Jokelainen comments on environmental aspects:
“As digital signage continues to shape the future of advertising, Kuori recognises the importance of reducing its environmental impact. While electronic advertisements have become ubiquitous in bus stops, town centres, and shopping complexes, the environmental cost has yet to be fully assessed. With the new Outdoor Digital Display, Kuori is taking a significant step toward sustainability by reducing energy consumption while enhancing visibility and thermal management.”

Markus Backman, Head of Sales at Kuori, states:
“For Kuori, the launch of this innovative outdoor digital display solution signifies a major addition to our product portfolio that is constantly developed to find new ways to ensure the ultimate user experience. According to our customers, power consumption was one of the biggest headaches in the entire industry, so our Kuori Team decided to embark on a mission against the electricity bills of Outdoor Displays.”

“Our mission is to deliver innovative end-to-end display solutions that positively impact your business,” continues Backman. “We are passionately committed to delivering total customer satisfaction through our solutions’ design, manufacturing, installation, and lifecycle support.”

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