Vintra Announces New Module For AI-Assisted Access Control

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Vintra, Inc., a leading provider of AI-powered video analytics solutions, has announced a new module for its Vintra Fortify platform designed to automate and simplify the management of existing manual security processes at critical locations. Vintra Guard, available as an additional module for Vintra Prevent, enhances real-time monitoring and enterprise alerting by incorporating video-based identity verification for access control management.

Initially integrated with the C•CURE 9000 Security + Event Management System (other access control integrations will be introduced in 2023), Vintra Guard will automate two-factor identity verification for C•CURE users, incorporating class-leading video analytics into a powerful access control system in order to automatically detect unauthorized access across a campus facility, remove the manual review of access control events and better protect people, places and things.

“We are constantly seeking to improve the level of insights that organizations can derive from video analytics and the high-fidelity data they provide,” said Brent Boekestein, CEO and Co-Founder of Vintra. “Vintra Guard builds on our premise and promise that the future of security is multi-modal, and this C•CURE integration is a perfect example of how our award-winning AI-powered video analytics can provide the easiest way to add a layer of intelligence on top of traditional access control to create a more-aware, more-automated and more-secure environment.”

Vintra Guard will automatically review all access events at a given point of entry, using facial recognition to verify the identity of the person that used each credential in order to find any unauthorized credential usage. If a badge is used by an individual that is not the actual credential holder, an alert will be generated, available within the Vintra Fortify platform or sent to leading VMS platforms such as Genetec or Milestone.

Given a potential breach, Vintra Guard users can quickly perform either a Live Re-ID or post-event Re-ID, Vintra’s unique search feature that can then quickly locate any potential offender in seconds across any of their connected cameras. Vintra’s Re-ID feature provides valuable, timely situational awareness, illustrating an individual’s journey throughout the facility, their current location and information needed to quickly mitigate the situation.

Vintra’s Re-ID technology is effective using either facial recognition or via a body appearance search, providing a simple yet comprehensive approach to protecting both privacy and security.

As a result, Vintra Guard frees up key personnel dedicated to manual identity verification efforts, adding an AI-powered second layer of security that ensures all access events are properly verified and enabling security teams to better fortify an entire facility.

To learn more about Vintra Guard and the entire Vintra Fortify platform, visit

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