Why Focus Groups Are the Essential Communications Tool

by | Oct 6, 2022 | Church Communication, Leadership, Podcasts

Most churches have probably never considered using focus groups to help them discover where their church is and where they need to go in the future, but these can be valuable tools! Mark MacDonald and Keith Ferrin discuss exactly what focus groups are and how they can benefit churches. Discover how to create one and how to use the information gleaned from them to move your church in the direction God may be leading you.

Meet Mark and Keith

Guest Speaker: Mark MacDonald

For 30+ years Mark MacDonald has worked in Branding, Advertising, and Communication. Now he’s focusing on helping churches communicate effectively as a brand strategist, bestselling author, engaging speaker, and a (heart of a teacher) consultant with his agency, Be Known for Something. He also serves as Executive Director of Center for Church Communication.

He’s sought after for his church branding, marketing communication, business insights, on-the-spot website assessments, and practical storytelling.

Guest Host: Keith Ferrin

Keith Ferrin is an author, speaker, and messaging coach. He has spent the last 25+ years on stages of all sizes, living out his primary passion—helping people not just read and study the Bible, but truly enjoy it.

His other passion is helping CEOs, sales teams, authors, pastors, and entrepreneurs (to name a few) become more effective communicators, whether the communication is written or spoken. His goal – and the name of his company – is to help people Simply Communicate. He utilizes a simple, 4-step system called the Complete Communication System™ to equip his clients to prepare messages more efficiently (saves time), deliver messages more confidently (improves job satisfaction) and land messages more effectively (increases impact and bottom line).

When he’s not speaking or coaching, you’ll probably find him with his wife and three kids on a lake somewhere near their home in Seattle.

Resources Mentioned:

12 Surprising Things from the Unchurched: beknownforsomething.com/subscribe

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