Facilities Management & Today’s Church

by | May 19, 2022 | Administration, Building Health, Leadership, Operations, Podcasts

Churches today have changed in how their facilities are managed. Join Tim Cool and Patrick Hart as they discuss what’s involved with facilities management and stewardship. They’ll discuss the biggest challenges facing today’s Facilities Manager and how to adapt to changes that come your way. Whether you’re brand new to facilities management or you’ve been doing it a long time, you’ll walk away with encouragement and advice.

Meet Tim and Patrick

Guest Speaker: Tim Cool

Tim Cool is the founder of Smart Church Solutions and has assisted nearly 1,000 churches, (equating to over 5 million square feet) throughout the United States with their facility needs. He has collaborated with churches in the areas of facility needs analysis, master planning, and construction management, as well as life cycle planning/facility management. Smart Church Solutions is the developer of eSPACE software products including Event Management, Work Order Management, Life Cycle Calculator, and IoT Integrations.

Tim is also the author of several books including Entrusted: A Guide to Intentional Church Facility Stewardship; Plan 4 It: The Essential Master Plans for Every Church; Successful Master Planning: More Than Pretty Pictures; Why Church Buildings Matter: The Story Of Your Space; and Church Locality, co-authored with Jim Tomberlin.

Tim lives in Charlotte, North Carolina with his wife of 36 years, Lisa, and is the proud father of his triplets who have left the nest.

Guest Host: Patrick Hart

Patrick Hart has served in Church Facilities Ministry for the past 18 years in the Pacific Northwest and as a board member of the National Association of Church Facilities Managers (NACFM) for six years. He is now putting his passion for church facilities stewardship and relationship development to use as a Facilities Stewardship Specialist at Smart Church Solutions. He and his bride, Amy, live in the Seattle area with their two dogs and enjoy traveling and spending time with family, especially their 4 grandchildren.

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