Three Video Ideas for the Other Six Days

by | May 17, 2021 | Church Communication, Leadership, Production, Video

By Josh King

When it comes to your online presence, nothing captures attention like video. Every year, stats continue to reveal online audiences prefer video. 

Your church’s livestream is a video, but it’s a unique kind of video. It’s what we call a long-form video that people expect to watch for more than 10 minutes on Sunday. You certainly want them to watch more than 10 minutes!

When it comes to the other six days of the week, people aren’t looking for your livestream. The only long-form videos they’re looking for are on Netflix or other streaming service. Short-form videos, though, are different, because people are looking for those all week. 

We can all agree church is more than just Sunday morning, and your church can use video beyond your Sunday livestream to reach your community all week. 

Here are three simple video ideas your team could use to engage your congregation and community the other six days of the week. 

#1. “The Feels” 

People keep coming back to your church for a reason. Ask someone in your church family to describe on camera why they love your church and what it means to them. Start with a simple sentence like this: “(My church name) makes me feel (fill in the blank).” If they have a short story or example, even better! It’s important to avoid using insider, “churchy” language. You want this video to make an emotional connection with the people who aren’t yet part of your church community. Give them a taste of what they could experience too. 

#2. Drop-In 

You enjoy seeing the lighter, funnier side of your pastors and leaders. Your community enjoys seeing it too. During the week, catch up with a church leader to ask them a fun question. This makes them seem “down to earth” and approachable. People are more likely to come engage with your church if they feel like they already know your pastor…and these lighthearted moments are a great way to remove barriers and create connection. 

#3. “Saturday Night Live!” 

Did you know people are four times more likely to watch a live online video? Take advantage of that by catching people the night before church! Simply have a team member (if possible, your pastor or another high profile leader) hop on Facebook or Instagram Live with a quick and friendly invitation to church the next morning. Make sure to mention your service times and what they can expect. If you’ve got a “New Here” or “Plan Your Visit” page on your website (you should!), direct them there and link to it in the comments. 

You don’t need expensive cameras or editing software for any of these videos. Each one can be easily shot on your smartphone and published to your social media. Just be mindful of the time limits for each platform. Don’t rush them; just be succinct! Don’t be afraid to practice once or twice.  

If you’d like more of these simple video ideas, sign up for my email list at to download my free guide “52 Video Ideas for Churches”.

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