Adding Video Displays Around Your House of Worship

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As more congregation members seek an experience in their worship service, adding video displays around your house of worship can be a great idea. Depending on your community’s needs and goals, some displays can show live service coverage based on your live stream or a fixed camera, others may show upcoming events or announcements, or a mix of both. Many churches have regular 55″-85″ video monitors or flat screen televisions around the lobby, children’s activities rooms or lounges, to accommodate their attendees needs or situations. Let’s talk about the potential benefits and considerations.


Keeping your fellowship informed is a major benefit for everyone, but allowing the congregation to view what’s going on when outside of the service area can make every situation or personal issue work for everyone. A good example would be parents of a upset child — they come out of the service area into the lobby or children’s area, so the congregation won’t be interrupted, yet they can still worship and follow along.

Video displays can also enhance engagement during services by showing lyrics, scriptures, and sermon notes, making it easier for everyone to follow along. They can display multimedia content such as videos and slideshows to support sermons and announcements. Plus, video displays can help make services more accessible to individuals with hearing or other impairments by providing visual aids and subtitles.

Displays can be used to share important announcements, event details, and community news. They can be strategically placed in lobbies, fellowship halls, and other common areas to keep congregants informed. Modern video displays can enhance the visual appeal of the worship space, especially when used creatively. They can be used for various events and activities beyond regular services, such as conferences, weddings, and community gatherings.


The initial investment for purchasing and installing video displays can be significant. Ongoing maintenance and potential upgrades should also be considered. Installing the monitors safely and securely is extremely important. Every wall has its own issues, regarding anchoring them in, you will also need to plan for power and cabling to each one. Adequate technical support for your installer or tech team is essential to ensure smooth operation. This includes setup, troubleshooting, and regular maintenance.

Having a dedicated team or individual to manage the content displayed is crucial. This includes creating, scheduling, and updating content regularly. Ensuring that the video displays integrate well with your current audio and lighting systems is important for a seamless experience. Having a great graphics and social media person would be a great asset to this project. Your video team could easily display your live stream, so you can have live content.

Consider gathering feedback from your congregation to understand their needs and preferences regarding video displays. This can help tailor the implementation to better serve your community. Be mindful of the placement and usage of video displays to avoid distracting from the primary focus of worship and community.

Start small by adding a few displays in key areas and gradually expand based on feedback and needs. Provide training for staff and volunteers to effectively use and manage the displays. Ensure content is relevant, visually appealing, and supportive of the overall worship experience.

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