PPDS Continues ‘dvLED for All’ Commitment with Philips Unite LED 5000 Series

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PPDS, the exclusive global provider of Philips Professional Displays, is excited to announce the latest release in its advanced and ever-evolving dvLED portfolio – supporting all indoor and outdoor requirements at a range of price points – with the launch of the new flip chip COB Philips Unite LED 5000 Series. The series debuted at InfoComm 2024 in Las Vegas.

The stunning new, ultra-reliable, and energy efficient Philips Unite LED 5000 Series is PPDS’ second elementary level dvLED launched this year, complementing the Philips Public LED 5000 Series designed for larger public indoor spaces, which was announced in April.

Seamless viewing experiences 

Continuing to set new industry standards for choice, quality, versatility, and affordability, the new Philips Unite LED 5000 Series has been developed and tailored to support both current and future needs of corporate and education environments, utilizing the latest innovations in LED technology to deliver uncompromised visual performance in up to 8K and beyond, supporting HDR10+ resolution over shorter viewing distances.

Available globally from July 2024 – including in North America, EMEA, India, and Asia – the Philips Unite LED 5000 Series comes in 27.1” (600 x 337.5mm) panel sizes for traditional 16×9 LED wall installations, available in a choice of pixel pitch variants and configurations, including common cathode (P0.78, P0.93, P1.25) and common anode (P1.56, P1.875), all with refresh rates of 3840 Hz. 

Superior stability and reliability

A preferred technology for LED wall installations in mission critical environments – such as command centers, exhibition halls, and TV studios, where 24/7 reliability, clarity, and attention to detail are paramount – the flip chip COB technology on the Philips Unite 5000 LED Series allows for higher pixel density, resulting in darker blacks, vivid colours, and deep contrast. The use of Micro LED technology also makes it easy to achieve high resolutions – 4K, 8K and even beyond. 

In addition, flip chip COB combined with common cathode technologies brings superior stability and reliability to Philips Unite LED 5000 Series P0.78, P0.93, P1.25 models, while delivering significant reductions in heat dissipation and power consumption, helping to save energy and cut running costs.

For added protection, and maximizing indoor installation opportunities, the Philips Unite LED 5000 Series comes with an IP67 rating, with panels fully protected against dust and moisture, helping to extend product lifetimes and reducing maintenance costs. 

And, for peace of mind, as with all Philips LED displays, Philips Unite LED 5000 Series panels are covered by PPDS’ three year, out-of-the-box warranty, with the option to extend to five years – above the two year warranties offered by many other providers. 

Speedy installations 

Helping to ensure fast and more time efficient installations, all cabinets on the Philips Unite LED 5000 Series are prewired for power, with all data cables able to be wired quickly and simply using PPDS’ loop-through system, designed for faster installations. 

Completing the package with sophisticated elegance, Philips Unite LED 5000 Series cabinets feature an artistic ‘rolling ripple’ back plate design, with no unsightly cables protruding, ensuring a clean and professional look from every angle. Optional ‘easy click’ edge finishing in brushed anodised aluminium is also available off the shelf with a series of pack choices. 

Eco-friendly packaging

As well as harnessing the extensive performance and sustainability benefits of flip chip COB (Chip On Board) circuitry, as with all the latest Philips digital signage, business TVs, interactive and dvLED products, the Philips Unite LED 5000 Series benefits from PPDS’ strategy to significantly reduce waste – including plastic – from its packaging.

All panels and accessories are delivered in minimised brown cardboard boxes, which feature a quick start guide printed in one colour, water-based ink on the lid, removing the need for additional paper-based instructions. Plastic bags and EPE cotton foam have been reduced, while innovative cardboard, made from 100 percent recycled paper, maintain the same high levels of safety and protection of the product.

Jeroen Brants, Global Product Director for Philips dvLED displays at PPDS, commented: “At PPDS, we are committed to bringing a wide choice of solutions to our customers. Whether they are a multi-national organization, a small start-up looking to make a big impression or an independent school, college, or university, we want to support them in achieving their ambitions. With the Philips Unite LED 5000 Series, we are widening our reach to ensure more customers can benefit from LED displays, working to a price point that suits them without being forced to compromise on performance quality. We are thrilled to debut this exciting new Series at InfoComm 2024.”

Martijn van der Woude, VP Global Marketing and Business Development at PPDS, added: “At PPDS, we don’t believe in compromise. With Philips Unite LED 5000 Series, harnessing the benefits available with flip chip COB, we are redefining the so-called ‘entry level’ for high quality, ultra-reliable, low energy direct view LED displays. Over the years many businesses have been stung by investing in LED from industry unknowns, promising the earth, but then falling short, or even disappearing when things go wrong. Today, fittingly in Vegas, Philips LED customers don’t need to take that gamble.

“We look forward to supporting our partners and customers in achieving their visual ambitions, and their sustainability objectives, too.”
To learn more about PPDS, please visit the website here.

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